All about 5ths

5ths are the backbone of chords

5ths (perfect 5ths) are really easy to play, because all of them use two white keys or two black keys except for two exceptions, which I call odd balls. The odd balls are Bb F and B F#. In my own world spelling does not count except when we are writing music. A musician who depends on clues from how music is written to figure out what is happening is in fact no musician at all. In chord and scale language a perfect 5th is 5.

There are two other three kinds of 5ths that we need to know eventually

The first is -5 or b5, a tritone.  This gets used frequently and is very important

The other is +5 or #5, the same as b6. #5 gets used a lot in augmented chords. That’s about it. Any other form of a 5th is simply unnecessary, confusing and poor notation.

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