Initial rant about setting this up…

Well, isn’t that what blogs are for? You get to rant, pontificate, ramble, spew, or just bore people to death, if they even get as far as reading what you write. Blogs are probably a great way to talk to yourself in writing, with the delusion that other people want to read what comes out of your head. There are a few people who are so good at blogging that they end up entertaining themselves but also pull other people into their adventures.

I’d like to do that!

Word Press, as I understand it, was originally for blogging. As I started using it almost 10 years ago, everything I was trying to post wanted to go in alphabetical order, so I ended up with weird columns that tried to order themselves by the date I created them. I jumped through hoops, trying to get a blog page to work like a web site, and at each point I was frustrated. Nothing ever looked like a web site.

About two weeks ago I found out that nothing worked because I didn’t know what I was doing. Note to self. Don’t judge a product as inferior because you are ignorant.

Because I think it’s starting to look pretty good.


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