Acoustic Piano or Digital Piano

The most frequent question I am asked by beginners is this: “What kind of instrument should I buy?”

If you live in a mansion and are rich, the answer is easy. Buy a grand piano. Money is no problem, privacy is no problem, space is no problem. You won’t bother your neighbors if you practice all night.

But what do you do if you are not so fortunate? Let’s be practical.

1) Most people do not have unlimited funds. Adults who start piano lessons do not know if they will continue for one month, one year, or many years. Parents who start lessons for their children face the same problem. For a relatively small amount of money you can buy a 61 key electronic keyboard that will give you time to make big decisions later.

2) Most people have limited space where they live. A basic electronic keyboard fits into a small area.

3) Most people have limited privacy. If they find time to practice while others are trying to sleep or at times when they would disturb neighbors, there is no way to turn down the volume of an accoustic instrument. All sound can be cut off when using an electronic piano simply by using earphones. This gives the person practicing complete privacy.


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