Altered Dominant Scales

They all go over dominants

There are various ways to alter a scale to go over dominants. For instance, C D D# E F G A Bb C is a dominant scale because of C, E and Bb, forming a C7 chord. The D# can be spelled as Eb. The passing tone does not change the feel.

C D E F G A Bb B C can either sync with C7 or Cmaj7, so it is a bit of a chameleon. C D E F# G A Bb C is either Lydian with (b)7 or Mixolydian with #4. Choose your own name.

In general any scale that uses 3 and (b)7 is a dominant scale, and that includes also the “alt dominant” scale, which is actually one of many altered dominant scales. Octatonic belongs in this group also, as well as whole tone scales. There are too many to list here.


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