2 thoughts on “Half Diminished Chord

    1. No. A diminished chord is the same as a plain 7 chord with the root raised or a plain 7 chord with every note lowered except the root.

      For instance, B D F Ab/G# is a fully diminished chord, also written as Bdim7. You can get there starting with a Bb7 chord (Bb D F Ab) then changing Bb to B. Or you can start with a B7 chord (B D# F# A) and lower every note to B D F Ab. Spelling does not matter, so you can write any black note either way. Later there are more rules about spelling that have to do with what the next chord is. This is all about theory, and I’m probably better at theory than anything else, but it’s so hard and takes so much time to teach, and I don’t have enough time in lessons to go over it enough.

      A 7b5 chord is completely different. For instance, you go from B7 to B7b5 by lowering one note: B D# F A. G7b5 is G B Db/C# F.


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