Dorian Improv

FRIDAY, September 27, 2019

Some nice ideas…

I sort of hate guitar. I hate guitar because I’m jealous. Concert grands cost thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. But guitar players seem to get good instruments for a pretty reasonable amount of money, and they can play anywhere. Guitar is so portable. And it’s a very intimate, personal instrument if you play acoustic, even if it is miked, but electric guitars get power sounds I don’t even understand, since I don’t play guitar. I just know I like the sound.

As a teacher and as someone who is still learning myself I’m always looking for videos of people playing, and the videos that annoy me to death are where mostly old guys start talking, and talking, and talking. Then they talk more. Most of the time they don’t play very well, and when they do you have to sit through talking to get through the good stuff.


In lessons I try to teach what modes are, but here I’ll just mention that D Dorian (minor) is about the easiest thing to understand on piano because it is all white notes. You play from D to D, always center around D, and your two main chords will be Dm and G. It’s that simple

Here are a couple young guys just improvising with Dorian. They are using backup tracks, where you get chords, bass, some kind of beat and a continuous movement from Dm to G, those chords, in D dorian, then they other guy does the same thing in C Dorian, which uses Eb an Bb and goes from Cm to F. Same idea.

First D Dorian…

Then C Dorian…


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