Game of pairs

TUESDAY, October 22, 2019

Popular for 75 years…

Concerto for Orchestra was first performed in 1944 and has been a favorite for concert-goers ever since. I wanted to find a video of young players performing it, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful. This movement is the second of five.

  1. Introduzione. Andante non troppo – Allegro vivace
  2. Presentando le coppie. Allegro scherzando
  3. Elegia. Andante non troppo
  4. Intermezzo interrotto. Allegretto
  5. Finale. Presto

This movement, the 2nd, is “Presentando le coppie”, which means “Presenting couples”. For some reasons it is always called “Game of pairs” in English. Translation is always a very imprecise matter.

A series of duets by Bartok…

If you watch carefully, you will see there are always two people playing together, thus “pairs” or “couples”. In general Bartok has never become a very popular composer, but his Concerto for Orchestra is an exception.

Finally, the whole thing…

This is a famous recording and arguably played as well as it has ever been played.


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