MONDAY, October 14, 2019

“Hut” Rati Prachayanuporn…

He’s the same guitar player who did the Lydian improv that is also in Spotlight. I got to talk to him a bit on Facebook. He is Thai and I don’t think understands much English, and I understand NOTHING of his language. But I understand the music. He told me he does not read music well, so he is probably an ear player.

What is impressive about him, for me, is his versatility. He really knows his craft. He is also a teacher.

Most people on the Internet are all talk, but he has a number of short videos that are just playing and they are excellent. I like that he is showing many different styles, and improv fascinates me because it is my greatest personal weakness.



3 thoughts on “Hut

  1. I enjoy the sound but because I don’t know what he’s doing, and it doesn’t show anywhere (like, if it’s a scale or a mode, is there PDF or lesson so I can relate?) I can’t follow. I’m just enjoying the sound of what he’s doing.


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