Anakin’s Theme

WEDNESDAY, January 15, 2020

Anakin’s Theme…

It first appears in The Phantom Menace, and it’s quite amazing to think that 22 years went by between the first trilogy and the second. Of course the 2nd trilogy goes back and fills in the beginning of the story, so ironically the 2nd trilogy is the first in terms of time.

End credits of The Phantom Menace

The best part of any Williams score is the ending credits, which are always very carefully arranged medleys of all the important themes. This starts with the Skywalker Theme from the very first movie, but then he goes right into the Duel of Fates Theme, which is totally new in this film. Then finally he finishes up with Anakin’s Theme, and instead of ending in a big bang, the ending is soft, very quiet, a major chord, then you hear a bit of the Vader Theme, very slow, even quieter, and finally an open 5th.

There is a final A, strong, with just a hint of E. No C# or C. Open 5ths are always ambiguous. Is it happy? Or sad? Or just serious? We don’t know, but of course we do, because we already know what happened to Anakin later as he went over to the Dark Side.

How many people think John Williams knows this and was influenced by it in his Duel of Fates Theme?



2 thoughts on “Anakin’s Theme

  1. Williams did a great job of blending the themes in the ending credits.

    After listening to Williams and Orff, I hear similarities. Count me in as one of those thinking Williams was influenced by Orff’s, O Fortuna/Carmina Burana.


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