Princess Leia’s Theme

TUESDAY, January 14, 2020

(This is another update, from Aug. 1, 2019. I want to complete the main themes of Star Wars, then add to them. There are a lot more, of course.)

From Star Wars, popular for 41 years…

This is, of course, from the first film.

John Williams hit a home run with this track, writing about four and a half minutes of a sound poem that rivals those from the great 19th century composers. You can hear all those who went before, and it’s obvious how he was influenced by so many great ones from the past. This probably completes the most important original themes so that at this point we have the Main Theme, the Force Theme, Yoda’s Theme and Leia’s Theme.




7 thoughts on “Princess Leia’s Theme

  1. this song reminds me of very soothing and calming music while also feeling very powerful yet elegant. I can most definitely see why the music producers of star wars chose to incorporate this piece into one of their movies.
    It just has the feels.

  2. I remember this soothing piece from when I would watch star wars with my parents, even though it was from 41 years ago (I think) it still sounds great and it’s funny how it can go from soothing to battle music in a blink of a second in the movies

    1. The important thing is that Star Wars and the characters are sometimes still in more modern “episodes”. For instance, both Leia and other characters showed up again recently. In these films often you will hear the same themes because each theme is linked to a character.


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