Four Note Chords

Basic four note chords

For the most part four note chords are extensions of triads or altered triads, such as sus chords. In their most basic form a note is added on top, up a maj7 or (b)7.

Four note chords can be inverted, but for the moment let’s not worry about that. The most common are:

  • X7
  • Xmaj7
  • Xm7
  • Xm7b5
  • Xdim7

The maj7 and (b)7 is also added to Xsus, Xsus2, X 4:2 sus, X aug and an altered major chord with b5, this way:

  • Xsus7
  • X7sus2
  • X7 4:2 sus
  • X aug7
  • X7b5