Major Chords

Major Chords

Start with a perfect 5th then fill in a note in the middle but closer to the top key than the bottom, for ex.: C E G, F# A# C#. Get comfortable with that chord, then copy it to the other hand. Now play that chord with both hands. When you can do 12 of them, each with a different key on the bottom, you have root position major chords in their simplest form, also closed. Finally, learn the inversions.

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2 thoughts on “Major Chords

  1. Looking at inversions, X/3rd, X/5th …. When I studied theory the first time, I was forever mixing up “1st inversion” and “2nd inversion” because they were unreal. Nothing feels particularly first or second about them. The X/3rd says exactly what it is.

    1. I always had a problem with inversions of bigger chords. To this moment I can’t remember what to call a G7/D. I see it as X7/5. It takes a couple seconds to come up with “2nd inversion”. That’s not logical to me. I just want to call root position chords “first position”. But I don’t get to make up the rules. 🙂

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