All About 4ths


Rules for 4ths:
  1. The intervals that are white notes use only white piano keys. Those that are black notes use at least one black piano key.
  2. 4ths use four letters. (For example, C—F is C D E F.) Their “size” depends on how many keys we skip.
  3. A diminished 4th skips three keys. It is two whole steps.
  4. A Perfect 4th skips four keys. It is two whole steps + a half step.
  5. An augmented 4th skips five keys. It is three whole steps.
  6. An augmented 4th is frequently called a “tritone”. A diminished 5th also skips five keys, also is three whole steps, and also is called a “tritone”.
Note to more advanced students:
  1. Circle one shows a C aug chord resolving to an Ab chord.
  2. Circle two shows a F sus chord moving to an F7 chord, resolving to a Bb chord.
  3. Circle three shows C#dim7 chord resolving to an Em chord.

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