Mode IV: Lydian

Lydian, the Disney mode…

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Disney is not the only place you find Lydian, but it’s commonly used at the end of any song or other kind of music to let us know that we are someplace fantastic. In fact, I call it the “fantasy mode”. To get a feel for Lydian, try to write a tune that starts on F and ends on F that uses no sharps or flats. Then try adding chords that use no black keys. If you do it, you’ve written something using Lydian.

Here is a nice instructional video of Lydian on harp I like it because he does not talk much.:

I really like this next clip. It’s short, surprisingly effective, and it’s all about playing, not talk, talk, talk.


2 thoughts on “Mode IV: Lydian

  1. Michael, I like the guitar guy too. Most of the videos like that have a whole bunch of useless talking, and then the actual playing isn’t very good. But this guy plays well, and he doesn’t yack!

    He’s using Lydian Dominant, and I did not even know the term existed until last week. But I use it. A simple melody sounds VERY cool on guitar because you can bend the pitch, like saxophone, and you can use vibrato. I’m using the same idea right now for something for piano. I’ll give it to you next time I see you.


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