Four Note Chords

White key 7 chords…

For the most part four note chords are extensions of triads. Four note chords can be inverted, but for the moment let’s not worry about that.

The most important 7 chords are those that can be played on all white keys in the key of C major, and there are four of them.

  • X7 (G7)
  • Xmaj7 (Cmaj7 and F maj7)
  • Xm7 (Dm7, Em7 and Am7)
  • Xm7b5 or X half-diminished  (Bm7b5 or B half diminished

These four basic 7 chords can be altered by raising or lowering some note within the chord. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Xsus7
  • X7sus2
  • X7 4:2 sus
  • X aug7
  • X7b5
  • Xdim7



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