Carnival of the Animals

(Mar 21, 2019)

Carnival of the Animals…

Saint-Saëns did not want this published in his lifetime – with the exception of “The Swan” – but allowed publication after his death. He was afraid that his reputation as a serious composer would be diminished. I would put this decision on my top 10 list of really stupid decisions by famous composers.

This has pictures of the animals, which may help you remember which animal is being represented by each selection. The second version is the one I prefer, because I always want to see the musicians playing. Which do you prefer?

With pictures…

Now live, where you can see things…


4 thoughts on “Carnival of the Animals

  1. I had to practise the “Swan” as a violin student a vaguely knew it was part of something larger called the Carnival of the Animals. I liked the two versions for different reasons: seeing which animals were represented in the first one, and seeing the instruments being played in the 2nd.

    I laughed at the”can can” theme played so very slowly for the turtles, and having scales exercises played in ascending keys for “music student animals” was an ingenious idea.

    1. The Swan may be Saint Saens most popular piece. But I like “Aquarium” the best. Most important to me is the fact that he would not allow publication until after his death.

  2. Thank you for posting both versions. The pictures of the animals were great. The other video featured another group of very talented young people. It’s always interesting to actually see what is going on. As with many others, The Swan is my favorite part.
    It would have been a shame if Saint Saens had not allowed this wonderful music to be published.


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