Dvorak New World Symphony

(Mar 6, 2019)

Who is Dvorak?

And how do you really pronounce his name? Does this music sound familiar? It is very famous and is another “old popular” composition.

It turns out the correct spelling is “Dvořák”, which most of us can’t type it because we don’t have the right characters for his name – Antonín Leopold Dvořák.

First of all, watch this to find out how to pronounce the name, but you have to be a bit OCD to get through it. I made it maybe halfway, and I’m stubborn. This is the kind of guy who will give you a two hour lecture on anything if you ask him a simple question. Also, the name is the same as what we call a keyboard that has letters all in the “wrong” place – the Dvorak keyboard.

Did you get this far?

The music is a lot more fun than pronouncing the name.

Dvorak was born in Bohemia, which today is part of the country know as the Czech Republic. Movement two of his 9th Symphony may be his most famous composition, so it is likely you have heard this without knowing who wrote it, or when, or where it was composed.

Here is the last movement. Dudamel is an incredibly dynamic and still young conductor who first became famous for his amazing work with the youth orchestra players in Venezuela. Dudamel is very dramatic, and some think his conducting is excessive. But no one who works with kids gets away with sloppy movements, and his conducting is incredibly precise because he started out working with very young people.

There are many fine recordings of the whole symphony, which has four movements. Just check YouTube.


9 thoughts on “Dvorak New World Symphony

    1. You just have to get close.

      First start with this:

      It’s like “jock”, but with “zh”. Then say DOOR zhock. Then stick in a V: DVOR zhock. Voila! You just get close. No one expects Americans to even get that far. 🙂

  1. Dvorak is quite the name along with its pronunciation, his piece is something I hear a lot in shows, movies, all lot of video games, etc. Its sounds quite soothing to me maybe a bit sad who knows I don’t know.

  2. This piece was written about 126 years ago and is still being played today. I have enjoyed listening to this music many times.

    I now have an idea of how to pronounce Dvorak.


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