Each week I will put in this place music that I am currently listening to that should be of special interest to both students and other musicians. Check here first to see what is new.

All posts more than 7 days old will be moved to “Old Spotlight”. Posts in “Old Spotlight” will stay about an extra week or so, so listen and watch before they disappear.

You can always read and listen to all music by searching for something or going to the bottom of the page and looking through back-up category.

There is now a “like” button on each post, so click the “thumbs up” if you have read this.


6 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT

    1. I was running out of space. In the future I’m only going to mention music that appeals to me or interests me in some way. There will be a minimum of text, and I’ll only keep things up for about a week. Those few who are interested will listen.


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