Four basic seven chords

WEDNESDAY, March 4, 2020

Major seven chord, 7 chord for Ionian and Lydian…

Here are ways you will see these chords notated as symbols. X refers to any key:

  • X maj7
  • X M7
  • X MA7
  • X Ma7
  • XΔ7

Dominant seven chord ,the most important 4 note chord in music…

Also known as the V7 chord.

Take a major chord, then add a 7 on top.

The result is: 1 3 5 7 in any key.

Minor seven chord, the more serious relative of the dominant 7 chord…

Here are symbols you will see:

  • Xm7
  • X-7

Half diminished chord, alteration of the Minor 7 Chord…

Here are the symbols you will see this notated:

  • Xm7b5
  • Xm7-5
  • Xø

Fully diminished chord, the modulation chord…

The is has the sound of 1 b3 b5 and b7, but there are choices of spelling. b3 can also be #2, b5 can also be #4 and b7 can also be 6. These enharmonic spellings are all the same chord and do not change the name, which is simply the bottom note or root. There are only 4 different Xdim7 chords, also written Xº7, but each one has 4 different names, depending on which note is at the bottom.



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