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WEDNESDAY, February 19, 2020

What I’m doing, and why…

I’m starting a new category to get to issues involving how I teach, and why I teach as I do. My students who have been with me awhile all know these things, students of any age, and the parents of my children also know all this because most are in lessons watching what I do.

Sometimes new students are totally confused…

I’m starting this for students (or their parents) who are just taking their first lesson or do not yet play well, and students (or their parents) who come to me from other teachers. In the beginnining most people have no idea what happens in lessons, or what music reading is, or anything else related to what we as music teachers do. For the average non-musicians, trained musicians somehow seem like wizards right out of Harry Potter, while the rest of the world is divided into muggles and squibs.


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