WEDNESDAY, March 4, 2020


In this category you will find posts about scales, chords, intervals and more. Use the index to find what you want to learn about it. Most of this is old. That will change over time. To check out what is new, or newest, go to NEW THEORY POSTS

Remember that red in all posts means hypertext, which means that when you click on these links it gets you someplace that might be important.

  Topic Post Date
1 lines and spaces Line and Space Drills 2020/03/04
2 scales Scale overview 2020/03/04
3 scales Thumbs together scales, like B major 2020/03/04
4 scales Oppose scales, like C major 2020/03/04
5 scales Odd ball major scales 2020/03/04
6 scales When fingerings change 2020/03/04
6.5 scales Other altered major scales 2020/03/04
7 intervals Intervals for measurement 2020/03/04
8 intervals All about intervals 2020/03/04
9 intervals Alt intervals 2020/03/04
10 three note chords Three note chords overview 2020/03/04
11 three note chords Five qualities 2020/03/04
12 four note chords Four note chord overview 2020/03/04
13 four note chords Four basic seven chords 2020/03/04
14 four note chords Diatonic seven chords 2020/03/04
15 four note chords Morphing 7 chords with 6 chords 2020/03/04
16 modes The modes 2020/03/04
17 ? Seven chords with their modes 2020/03/04
18 memorization Memorization 2020/03/04
19 morphing morphs overview 2020/03/04

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