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SUNDAY, July 26, 2020

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Composer Post
Anderson A Trumpeter’s Lullaby
Anderson The Typewriter
Bach Bach’s Orchestral Suite 3 in D major
Bach Brandenburg Concerto 2 in F
Bach Concerto in D Minor BWV 1052
Bach Dorian Toccata
Bach How to listen: Bach Little Prelude in C Minor
Bach Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Bach The Romantic movement started here…
Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Bartok Bartok Concerto for Orchestra
Bartok Bartok Piano Concerto No. 3
Bartok Game of pairs
Basie Count Basie
Beatles Eleanor Rigby
Beatles What are these kids playing?
Beethoven Beethoven composing at age 14
Beethoven Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1
Beethoven Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 2
Beethoven Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3
Beethoven Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4
Beethoven Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5
Beethoven Beethoven Symphony No. 1
Beethoven Beethoven Symphony No. 2
Beethoven Beethoven Symphony No. 3
Beethoven Beethoven Symphony No. 4
Beethoven Beethoven Symphony No. 5
Beethoven Beethoven Symphony No. 6
Beethoven Beethoven Symphony No. 7
Beethoven Beethoven Symphony No. 8
Beethoven Beethoven Symphony No. 9
Beethoven Claudio Arrau
Beethoven Für Elise
Beethoven Janine Jansen
Beethoven The five Beethoven piano concertos
Bizet Carmen Variations
Borodin Prince Igor Overture
Brahms Ben Hopkins
Brahms Brahms 2nd Piano Concerto
Brahms Brahms Symphony No. 1
Brahms Brahms Symphony No. 2
Brahms Brahms Symphony No. 4
Brahms Takashi Asahina
Bruckner Bruckner Symphony #4
Chopin Chopin 3rd Sonata, final movement
Chopin Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2
Chopin Chopin Polonaise in A♭ major
Chopin Fantaisie Impromptu
Chopin Raindrop Prelude
Chopin Revolutionary Etude
Chopin The Minute Waltz
Clapton Eric Clapton
Collier Jacob Collier
Collier Two mid-season pieces
Cookie Graham Cookie
Davis So What
De Vorzon/ Botkin Jr. Cotton’s Dream
Debussy Afternoon of a Faun
Debussy Claire de Lune
Debussy Debussy Gigues
Debussy Debussy Iberia
Debussy Debussy Nocturnes
Debussy Interrupted Serenade
Debussy La Mer – The Sea
Debussy Reflections in the water
Debussy Rondes de printemps
Debussy The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
Dovgan Alexandra Dovgan
Dudamel The most amazing youth program in the world
Dukas Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Dvorak Dvorak 7th Symphony
Dvorak Dvorak and Grieg
Dvorak Dvorak New World Symphony
Dvorak Dvorak Piano Concerto
Dvorak Twisted Dvorak
Elgar Nimrod
Ella Ella and scat singing
Ellington Duke Ellington
Flanders & Swann Flanders & Swann
Gershwin Gershwin Concerto in F
Grieg Grieg Piano Concerto
Grofe Grand Canyon Suite
Grusin Death of Love and Trust
Handel The Messiah
Holst Gustav Holst Military Suites
Hut Dorian Improv
Hut Guitar Lydian Improvs
Hut Hut
Joplin Maple Leaf Rag
Kabalesky Comedian’s Galop
Kanno Zankyou no Terror
Liszt Consolation No. 3
Liszt Liebestraum
Liszt Liszt Piano Concerto
Lloyd Hearing with the eyes
MacDowell MacDowell Piano Concerto No. 2
Mahler Mahler Quartet for Strings and Piano
Mahler Mahler Symphony No. 6
Mckennitt Loreena Mckennitt
Mendelssohn Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage
Mendelssohn Fingal’s Cave
Mendelssohn Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No. 1
Menotti Menotti Piano Concerto in F
Montsalvatge Montsalvatge Concierto Breve
Mozart Mozart in a minor mood
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 04
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 09
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 18
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 20
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 22
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 23
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 24
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 25
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 26
Mozart Mozart Piano Concerto No. 27
Mozart Mozart Piano Sonata No. 08
Mozart Mozart Piano Sonata No. 14
Mozart Mozart String Quintet No. 4
Mozart Mozart Symphony No. 25
Mozart Mozart Symphony No. 36
Mozart Mozart Symphony No. 40
Mozart Mozart’s EZ Sonata
Mozart New – Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Mozart The Mozart Piano Concertos
Mozart Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Nat King Cole The Christmas Song
Orf Carl Orff
Pachelbel Pachebel’s Cannon
Pachelbel Pachelbels Cannon Encore
Peterson Oscar Peterson
Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf
Prokofiev Prokoviev Piano Concerto No. 1
Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
Rachmaninov Another piece in Eb Minor by Rachmaninov
Rachmaninov Rachmaninov C# Minor Prelude
Rachmaninov Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 1
Rachmaninov Rachmaninov Symphony No. 2
Rachmaninov Something Very Eerie
Rachmaninov Somewhere in Time and Rachmaninov
Ravel Bolero
Ravel Daphnis et Chloé
Ravel Ravel Piano Concerto in G major
Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade
Rodrigo Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez
Rossini William Tell Overture
Russel Anna Russel
Saint Saens Carnival of the Animals
Saint Saens Danse Macabre Saint Saens
Saint Saens Organ again…
Saint Saens Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto No. 2
Saint Saens Twisted Disney
Scarlatti Scarlatti Sonata in C Major, K, 159
Schubert Barry Lyndon
Schubert Schubert Gb Impromptu
Schubert Schubert: Piano Sonata in B-flat Major, D.960
Schumann Schumann horn quartet
Schumann Schumann Piano Concerto
Scriabin Scriabin
Simon @ Garfunkel Scarboro Fair
Slydini The Great Slydini
Smetana The Moldau
Strauss 2001 A Space Odyssey
Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra
Strauss Don Juan
Strauss The Beautiful Danube
Stravinsky Firebird Suite
Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture
Tchaikovsky Bb Minor Piano Concerto
Tchaikovsky Coronation March in D
Tchaikovsky Elegy in G
Tchaikovsky Fatum in C minor
Tchaikovsky Festival Overture on the Danish National Anthem in D
Tchaikovsky Francesca da Rimini in E minor
Tchaikovsky Hamlet in F minor
Tchaikovsky Jurisprudence March in D
Tchaikovsky Kylo Ren
Tchaikovsky Manfred Symphony in B minor
Tchaikovsky March Slave in Bb minor
Tchaikovsky Overture in C Minor
Tchaikovsky Overture in F Major
Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet in B minor
Tchaikovsky Serenade for Nikolai Rubinstein’s Name-Day in A
Tchaikovsky Serenade for String Orchestra C
Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty
Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Ballet
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 1 1866
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 2
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 3 in D
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4 in F minor
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 in E minor
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 in B minor
Tchaikovsky Tchaikovsky String Quartet No. 2 in F major
Tchaikovsky Tchaikovsky: Romance In F Minor
Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker Ballet
Tchaikovsky The Storm in E minor
Tchaikovsky The Tempest in F minor
Tchaikovsky The Voyevoda in A minor
Van Heusen But Beautiful, a Great Standard
Various Classical Music Is Older Popular Music
Various Famous arrangers and transcribers
Various For Those Who Hate Opera
Various How the piano concerto developed
Various More Old Popular Music
Various Name that tune!
Various Star Trek, or Star Wars?
Vaughn Williams Vaughan Williams Piano Concerto in C
Vaughn Williams Vaughn Williams Symphony No. 3
Verdi Triumphal March
Villegas Pablo Sáinz Villegas
Vivaldi Bach and Vivaldi
Vivaldi More Vivaldi
Vivaldi The Four Seasons
Wagner 1830 Wagner Symphony in E major
Wagner 1831 Wagner Concert Overture No. 1
Wagner 1832 Wagner Concert Overture No. 2 in C major
Wagner 1832 Wagner König Enzio
Wagner 1832 Wagner Symphony in C
Wagner 1832 Wagner Two Tragic Entreacts
Wagner 1833 Wagner Die Feen Overture
Wagner 1834 Wagner Christopher Columbus Overture
Wagner 1835 Wagner Ban on Love
Wagner 1836 Wagner Polonia
Wagner 1836 Wagner Rule Britannia Overture in D major
Wagner 1839 Wagner Faust Overture
Wagner 1871 Wagner Kaisermarsch
Wagner 1876 Wagner Centennial March
Wagner Parsifal
Weber Weber Piano Concerto No. 1
Williams 9 – We Go Together
Williams Anakin Skywalker
Williams Han Solo
Williams Kylo Ren
Williams Leia
Williams Leitmotivs in Star Wars
Williams Luke Skywalker
Williams Obi Wan Kinobi
Williams Qui Gon Jinn
Williams Rey
Williams Rose
Williams Star Wars
Williams Star Wars Battle Music
Williams Star Wars endings for all 9 movies
Williams Star Wars endings for all 9 movies
Williams Star Wars Love Themes
Williams Star Wars Noble Hero Music
Williams Yoda

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